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A Luxury Vacation Rental Vs. an Airbnb

Taking a vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time to unwind and enjoy the present moment with your family. However, planning said vacation can be difficult and stressful, especially when it comes to figuring out the right accommodations that fit your family`s needs. Finding a vacation house that fits your budget, sleeps everyone comfortably, and fits your personal preferences is not an easy task.

Many people wonder what the best renting option is–Airbnb or a local vacation rental company. There are pros and cons to each option, so which company is the right fit for you? We`ll go over how luxury vacation rentals differ from Airbnb, and why you might prefer working with a local luxury vacation rental company.

What Is the Difference Between Local Vacation Rental Companies and Airbnb?

Airbnb works a bit differently than luxury vacation rentals. When you rent out a property from Airbnb, you are working directly with the specific owner of the property, not the company. Hosts may decide to rent out entire houses or just rooms within a home to guests. This status quo can provide some degree of flexibility for both the owner and the travelers. And sometimes, it is the best option for travelers to save a bit of money. 

Since you will be booking directly with the property owners, they may accept or decline your request. Additionally, a lot of the accommodation standards are set by the property owners, not Airbnb. This means that you will see a lot of variances in the quality, service, and experience of different rentals.

In comparison, when you book with a local vacation rental company, you will experience the same degree of quality, service, and standards across all rental properties because you are working with the same management team. Since vacation rentals are managed by a single company, there are more standard rules and less flexibility than you might find with an Airbnb. However, there are a lot fewer surprises in regard to quality expectations, so you can expect the same high-quality accommodations no matter what property you choose.

Why Book With a Local Luxury Vacation Rental Company Rather Than an Airbnb?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider booking with a local luxury vacation rental company instead of an Airbnb. However, you should take into account your budget. High-end homes on Airbnb tend to be just as expensive (if not more with tacked-on fees) as houses from a vacation rental company. You should also consider the benefits of having attentive customer support members nearby to handle any questions, concerns, or problems you may have during your stay. Traveling can be stressful and even challenging if problems arise, so having a seasoned and local management team around may save the day. 

Accommodation Differences

One of the biggest cons of renting from Airbnb is the wide range of quality. Since each property is individually managed by the host, there are no standard quality checks. The cleanliness and amenities are up to the discretion of the owner instead of Airbnb. Of course, you could always leave a bad review after your stay. But who wants to go through a bad vacation experience in the first place?

When you rent from a reputable local company, you can have some assurance that all properties are held to the same level of cleanliness and standards. Before you check into your rental, the property will be cleaned and inspected by staff to ensure that it`s ready for your stay. Plus, if you need help finding the right accommodations, you`ll be able to talk to staff members that are familiar with the area and the homes to give you advice before you book your stay. They can help you pick out the perfect property to fit your needs.


Though Airbnb has long held the reputation of being an affordable alternative to traditional vacation housing options, for most situations, that isn`t the case. For families, finding a space large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably can get expensive. If you browse Airbnb`s website you`ll find that similarly sized homes are usually just as expensive, if not more so than vacation rentals through a company. 

Services and Fees

One of the great parts of booking with a luxury vacation rental company is that the prices are upfront. For a lot of companies, services are built into the total price you see in listings. There aren`t usually any hidden fees. For instance, most luxury vacation rentals already have cleaning services factored into the price. 

In contrast, Airbnb hosts usually charge additional cleaning fees, which can be very expensive in some cases. Cleaning fees aren`t shown in the total price of the listing, so even though you think you may be getting a great deal on a place, a $400 cleaning fee may be tacked onto your final bill. Also, some hosts may require guests to clean up after themselves in addition to the cleaning fee, as the check-out rules are set by the host. 

Customer Service

Working with a luxury vacation rental company instead of Airbnb can mean a big difference in customer service. A local and experienced management team will be able to provide you with professional customer support and solve any problems that you may have during your stay. But with Airbnb, hosts may or may not have the customer service or hospitality skills to help you resolve issues in a timely manner. While this may not be an issue for every vacation, if something is wrong with your accommodations on a trip, it`s reassuring to know that there is a professional team ready to help.

Where Can You Find the Best Vacation Rentals on Topsail Island?

At Lewis Realty Associates, Inc., we strive to provide families with the best vacation experience on Topsail Island. We offer a range of variously priced vacation rentals available throughout the island at different price points. If you`re looking for a luxury vacation rental to accommodate your family on your next trip, you might want to consider North Topsail Beach. This town located in the north part of the island is home to many large and beautiful homes near the beach. A luxury vacation rental here may cost you upwards of $3,000 a week depending on the season.

While you start to plan your next vacation, you should consider accommodations that provide the best value and service. Airbnbs can be a hit or a miss when it comes to customer service. Since all rules, quality standards, and additional fees are set by the individual host, it can be tough to feel confident about your decision. But when you book a luxury vacation rental with a local company, you can feel assured that there will be high standards of quality and customer service during your stay. Plus, similar homes are priced at roughly the same amount regardless of which option you choose. So, choosing to book a luxury vacation rental with a local company makes much more practical sense. If you`re ready to book a hassle-free and enjoyable vacation, our home listings offer a range of high-quality homes at various price points.


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