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Discovering Topsail Island's Rich History: From Pirates to Beaches

When you step foot on Topsail Island, your immediate thoughts probably jump to the natural beauty found right in front of you. Miles of uncrowded sandy beaches and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean can be seen throughout the area, making it a popular destination for visitors looking for luxury vacation rentals and secluded retreats. However, Topsail Island has been anything but a sleepy beach town throughout its long history. 

From its connection to the famous pirate Blackbeard to the secret military operations during World War ll, the island has seen its share of violence and intrigue. Despite its cultural relevance, many visitors to the island are unaware of its fascinating past. If you`re looking to discover more than beaches while staying on Topsail Island, there are plenty of facts, stories, lore, and legend to explore. 

The Missiles and More Museum located in Topsail Beach is the best resource for visitors looking to learn about the island`s history. However, we`ll give a brief overview of the island`s exciting past to give you a taste of the island`s deeply rooted heritage before your next trip to the island. We`ll also go over some of the best places to stay on the island to be close to local historical landmarks.

Topsail Island Meets Blackbeard the Pirate

It`s hard to believe, but in the 1700s, Topsail Island wasn`t the welcoming coastal paradise that it is today. The island was a hangout for pirates, who were intent on plundering ships on the colonial trade route. That`s how Topsail got its name–pirate ships allegedly used to hide behind the island with only the top of their sails visible. 

Blackbeard–one of the most famous pirates of all time–was believed to have frequented the Topsail Island area. Blackbeard was a well-known pirate during his time and was feared by many people in coastal communities due to tales of his brutality. 

Up and down the coast his larger-than-life persona contributed to his reputation as a fearsome and violent criminal capable of robbery and murder. His reputation as one of the most frightening pirates followed him well after his death. Today, he is still one of the most well-known pirates, with many legends surrounding his life and treasure. 

One of the most well-known local Blackbeard legends is about buried treasure. Legend says that before Blackbeard was killed, he buried much of his gold on Topsail Island. The "gold hole," as it`s come to be known by locals, has been the site where many treasure hunters have tried their luck finding Blackbeard`s gold. However, no treasure has ever been found on the island. 

Topsail Island`s Involvement in the Second World War and Other Military Operations

After Topsail Island`s brush with piracy, the island remained largely uninhabited except for the occasional locals that boated out for the day. However, in the 1940s, the land held military operations during World War ll. At the beginning of the war, the US Army took control of the island. 

In Holly Ridge (a town next to Topsail), the Army developed a temporary anti-aircraft base. Here, they trained artillery gunners to fire at flying targets. We know now that the fighting in World War ll never reaches the US mainland. However, at the time, the US created this anti-aircraft base to protect the coast from potential enemy attacks. 

As the war progressed, the US needed to concentrate more of its resources and energy on the war efforts. Women were eventually accepted into aviation programs located in Camp Davis. The WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) program trained female pilots to ferry aircraft. The intention was to use female pilots so that male pilots could be called up to combat roles. Through the program, these pilots carried 50% of combat aircraft throughout the war. However, the WASP program was short-lived, ending in 1944. The pilots` service to their country was largely ignored and forgotten until years later.

During its time as a center for military operations, the Army built a bridge from Camp Davis in Holly Ridge to Surf City. On the island, various structures and training facilities were constructed. Before this development, the island was only reachable by boat and had no permanent structures. Some of these towers are still standing today, and visitors can check out these historical landmarks. 

However, even with bridges to the mainland today, Topsail Island remains quiet and hidden. The 26-mile-long island has uncrowded sandy beaches even during the busy summer season. Its quiet and peaceful beaches attract many families and retirees looking to experience the beauty of the coast without all of the loud crowds that frequent other popular beach towns. 

But many of the visitors come to the island to enjoy the exclusive beachfront properties and luxury vacation rentals without realizing its interesting history. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about the history of the island, as locals have aimed to preserve the heritage of the island.

Historical Landmarks

At the end of World War ll, the Navy took control of Topsail Island and established a missile testing center. The island was the temporary site of a top-secret missile project. Various observatory towers were erected at different points around the island. However, the center soon closed down, as the island wasn`t the ideal location for the project. 

Some of the observatory towers and the Assembly Building are still standing, with some registered as historical places. The Assembly Building was preserved and converted into the Missiles and More Museum. If you want to learn more about the history of Topsail Island, including pirates, military operations, and other cool historical facts, you`ll want to head to this local attraction and see the exhibits. 

Finding the Right Rentals

Topsail Island is a hidden gem for many reasons, including its luxury vacation rentals on the beach. If you`re looking for upscale accommodations, there are many options available in all three towns on the island. Whether you want to be close to historical landmarks or right on the beach, there are many luxury vacation rentals with high-end amenities to make your vacation extra special. 

If you`re looking for upscale accommodations near historical landmarks, you`ll want to check out rentals on the south end of the island. Topsails Beach is home to the Missiles and More Museum as well as observatory towers. However, if you`re looking for more secluded retreats, you might prefer the exclusive beachfront properties in North Topsail Beach. These properties may have high-end amenities, like elevators, private hot tubs, and expensive furnishings. You may also want to consider rentals in Surf City, located in the center of the island. 

Topsail Island may seem like an average tourist destination–a sleepy beach town off the North Carolina coast. However, its past is littered with interesting historical tidbits. From Blackbeard`s alleged reign of terror near the island to the top-secret military programs, the island has seen a lot of culturally significant moments throughout its history. If you`re looking to learn more about Topsail Island`s past, you`ll want to visit some of the local landmarks. You can book a vacation rental from our Topsail Beach selection and be close to the island`s history.


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