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When Should You Book a Vacation Rental on Topsail Island?

Topsail Island is a popular vacation destination for those looking to experience the beauty of the North Carolina coast. If you are interested in sandy beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, and plenty of outdoor activities, you`ll like staying on the island no matter the time of year. However, summer and spring are some of the best times to book a vacation to Topsail because of the sunny warm weather. 

Booking a vacation during these warm weather months can be tricky, though. The island receives a large number of visitors during the spring and summer, so rentals usually have higher rates during this time. Summer vacation rentals are worth the extra cost over hotel rooms because of their many benefits. 

We`ll go over the different times of the year to visit Topsail, including the peak visitor season–spring and summer. We`ll also explain why you should consider booking summer and spring vacation rentals over hotel rooms ahead of time so that you and your family have the best possible vacation experience.


Spring is a great time to visit the island. You`ll find that early into the season, the island is still uncrowded. As the seasonal shops and restaurants start to open back up, you won`t have to deal with summer wait lines or crowds. Additionally, the beaches are uncrowded as the weather begins to warm up. 

You can find some great deals on spring vacation rentals during the early part of the season, so it might be the perfect time to visit if you`re on a budget but don`t want to visit when it`s cold. For families, having extra amenities, like close proximity to the beach and other child-friendly activities is convenient. You`ll want to book popular spring vacation rentals well in advance so that you end up with a rental that accommodates your needs and preferences. 

To get a rental with the most ideal location for your family, you should try to book ahead of time. Many families choose to book the same vacation rental every year as they enjoy the amenities and location so much. At Lewis Realty Associates, Inc., we offer priority booking for repeat visitors. After your time at a vacation rental, you`ll have the option to rebook for next year before the rental`s dates are open to the general public. 


Summer is the most popular time to visit Topsail Island. You`ll find miles of sandy beaches, gorgeous weather, and plenty of fun activities. Finding the right place to stay during your trip may be challenging, however. Summer vacation rentals tend to get booked quickly, so it`s a good idea to plan your trip ahead of time. 

While you might find last-minute vacancies at hotels on or near the island, they often cost more overall, especially if you stay for more than a couple of nights. At vacation rentals, you`ll have access to a kitchen, so you`ll have the option to cook your own meals during your trip. Saving money by not eating out for every meal is a big benefit for those who are taking a trip that is a week or longer. At hotels, you won`t have this option, so you`ll likely have to spend money at restaurants for the majority of your stay.

Besides having full kitchens, summer vacation rentals have other big advantages over hotels, such as specific amenities. Some properties have cool features like a private or community swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, and private boat dock. You`ll also have more privacy at summer vacation rentals vs. hotels. If you`re interested in a particular feature, you can sort through the available options to find the right rental that fits your preferences. 

Additionally, some of the properties are pet-friendly. If you want to bring the furry members of your family on vacation, too, you`ll have some options available. Depending on the property, you`ll have a yard for your dogs, which will be much more convenient than a dog-friendly hotel room. 


Fall is an underrated time to visit the island. You`ll get to experience amazing weather (September through October) and fewer crowds. Most restaurants and shops operate on a seasonal schedule due to the high tourism of the spring and summer seasons. Around the beginning of November, businesses will start to close up for the remainder of fall and winter. However, September and October are some of the best months to visit due to the pleasantly warm weather and fewer visitors on the island.


If you`re looking for the most budget-friendly times to visit the island, you should consider booking a vacation rental during the winter months. Though you might not get to participate in beachy warm-weather activities like swimming, sunbathing, or surfing, you`ll still get to experience the beautiful coast. Instead, you can enjoy activities such as long walks on the beach, collecting sea glass, and observing the local wildlife. 

Renting a vacation home is the best option this time of year. Since you won`t be spending as much time outdoors as in the summertime, you`ll enjoy the extra space that a vacation rental can offer you. If you`re going to be spending time more time indoors, then a hotel room will likely feel too cramped. Plus, vacation rentals are typically cheaper in the winter season, so you can nab a property with great amenities and perhaps even one with a view. 

Summer and spring vacation rentals tend to get booked up fast. Because of their advantages over hotel rooms, many families prefer to book rentals instead. If you want to ensure you end up with the best vacation rental, you should consider booking well ahead of time. You could also consider booking a rental at a less busy time of the year. If you`re looking for an amazing vacation experience on Topsail Island, we have many different rental properties available in a range of prices and features.


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