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Owner FAQ's & Info

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Department Contact Info:

Department           Contact Person                                       Email                                                    Extention #
ManagementJessie Moore - Property ManagerPm@topsailarea.comx0802

ManagementChris Rackley - Owner/PresidentChris@topsailarea.comx0801

AccountingAnnMarie CampsAccounting@topsailarea.comx0805

MaintenanceTrish ReddickMaintenance@topsailarea.comx0818

HousekeepingPamela PadgettHomeservices@topsailarea.comx0808

News & Updates:

  • Tax Documents:
    • If you need additional copies of your 2023 Tax reports please email AnnMarie at
      • Vacation rental owners can find copies of their 2023 tax forms as well as their 2023 annual statements in their owners portal under Statements and Documents. 

  • Spring Office Hours:
    • Our office hours are currently Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm. Our office is closed on Sundays and holidays.

    • We will remain closed on Saturdays through April. 

Online Owner Information Forms:

Rental Referral Form 

Owners can submit a form to refer a guest for rental. 

Trash Roll  Request Form

From October Through April owners can request trash roll service as needed. 

Seasonal Rental Sign-up Form

Sign-Up yearly if you would like your unit to be offered as a season rental option. 

Owner Incentive Programs:


Refer another Topsail Island Owner to the Lewis Realty Property Management Program and get a commission discount!

For every successfully referred owner that signs up for either our Long Term Rental or Vacation Rental Program you will receive the following:
  • Vacation Owners: One week at 0% commission during the Bunglaw rate season 

  • Long-Term Owners: One rental month at 0% commission 


Thinking of putting your property on the market for sale? 

AMAZING sales team is here to help! We know Topsail Island...We have been here for over 60 years! So let our team of highly qualified agents take care of all your Real Estate needs. As an established Lewis Realty Client, we can even offer you a reduced commission rate of 5%! 

Call our Sales Department directly to speak with an agent today! 910-328-5211

Owner FAQ`s:

Our New owners portal is a little tricky!

Please see below for information on how to navigate the portal and instructions on how to book an owner's reservation.

Owners Portal Info:

You will use the menu options at the top of the screen to navigate through the portal:
  • Availability shows your reservation calendar as a list of your upcoming reservations toward the bottom of the screen

  • Reservations allow you to see a list of all reservations by reservation #. You can sort the data as needed.  You can also book new owner reservations using this tab. There is a green New Reservation button at the top of the screen. 

  • Statements will allow you to view your monthly statements as of September 2023. All previous statements are still found in the old portal, but we will be uploading everyone's Janu 0 August statements to the documents section shortly for your reference. 

  • Work orders will allow you to see pending and processed work orders for your property 

  • Documents is where we will upload useful documents,  like your 2024 rate sheets

When you want to make an owner reservation or block dates from rental you will use the reservations tab at the top:

image (5).png

Then you will click the green + New Reservation button on the right side of the screen:

image (6).png

You have some choices in the drop-down menu for the type of reservation:
  1. Owner - Cleaning Reguested - You are going to use this one if it is an owner reservation and you need to schedule a cleaning for after check out. 

  2. Owner - Self Clean - You are going to use this one if it is an owner reservation but you don't need a cleaning after checkout. 

  3. Owner - Maintenance Block - You are going to use this one to block the calendar from rental for maintenance 

  4. Closed for Rental Season -  You are going to use this one to close the calendar from rentals

  5. Owner Guest - No $ - Cleaning Requested - You are going to use this one to make an owner reservation for friends or family who you are not charging to stay. A cleaning WILL be scheduled after check out for this reservation type so please let us know if you DON'T need one. 

  6. Owner Rental Referral - You are going to use this one if you want to put in a guest-referred reservation. This will create a guest reservation and send your guest a confirmation with a payment request. 

  7. Owner Guest - No $ - NO Cleaning Requested - You are going to use this one to make an owner reservation for friends or family who you are not charging to stay. Cleaning WILL NOT be scheduled after check out for this reservation type.
PLEASE NOTE: An inspector will be sent after every reservation, regardless if there was a cleaning performed. 

If you extend your stay please let housekeeping know at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled checkout so that they can reschedule any cleaning and inspection vendors. 

When in doubt, use owner self-clean and then let me know what you need and  I can adjust accordingly. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. 


View Your Statements:
To view your current owner`s statement:

  1. Click "View Statements"

  2. Under "Current Statements" click on the BLUE button to open either a PDF or an Excel version of your statement.

View Work Orders:

Current and processed work orders can be viewed through your owner`s portal. 

To view your Work Orders: 

  1. Click "Work Orders"

  2. Select the work order you want to view then click the BLUE "Work Order Invoice" button to see full details about the work order. 

View Your Calendar:

You can view your current and future rental calendars online at any time. 

To view your calendar: 

  1. Click "Property Overview"

  2. Click "View Annual Calendar"

  3. The calendar is color-coded to show which type of reservation is booked and what dates are open for rental. 


Block dates for yourself:

You can block your calendar for owners to use as far in advance as you would like. 

 To view your calendar: 

  1. Click "Property Overview"

  2. Click "Book This Property For Owner"

  3. After the submission of an owner block please refresh your page to update the calendar and confirm the correct dates were booked

  4. Owners can NOT edit booked reservations so please email Jessie at if you need to make any changes. 


Department Contact Person Email Extention #
Management Jessie Moore - Property Manager x0802
Management Chris Rackly - Owner/President x0801
Accounting AnnMarie Camps x0805
Maintenance Trish Reddick x0818
Housekeeping Pamela Padgett x0808

Long-Term Owners - Statements and deposits are posted between the 5th and the 7th of each month for the previous month`s proceeds.

Vacation Rental Owners - Statements are posted around the 15th of each month for the previous month`s proceeds. 

Please note reservations are processed by the Check-Out date. If the last guest of the month has a check-out date that is in the following month, their reservation will count as income for the following month.

To view your current owner`s statement:

  1. Click "View Statements"

  2. Under "Current Statements" click on the BLUE button to open either a PDF or an Excel version of your statement.

Check-in time is at 4 pm and Check-out time is at 10 am. Please confirm your reservation through your owner's portal. 

If you have requested a cleaning please note that cleaners will get started with their scheduled properties promptly at 10 am. 

During the off-season, if your plans change and you extend your stay please let housekeeping know ASAP so that they can alert the cleaner of the change to their schedule as well. 

This program is at no cost to our owners and is intended to provide your guests with service to prevent fines for improper trash can placements. 

  • During the summer season (May-Sept):

    • We will be taking care of your trash automatically every week when your property is booked, regardless of whether it is an owner's reservation or a guest reservation. You do not need to request service. 

  • During the Off-Season (Oct - April):

    • Owners can request service as needed by submitting a trash service request form linked above. 

    • For all owners who have a blackout on their calendar or who have the full off-season blocked for owner use, we do ask that you only request service when you are unable to roll your cans personally.  

    • We are not offering weekly service and will only be able to send our vendor on an as-needed basis. If you do not request service, your cans will not be rolled in or out by our vendor.

We send our trash roll vendor his schedule every Friday for the following week (Sunday - Sat).

Please submit a trash service request form no later than 12 noon on Friday BEFORE you need service
to ensure your request gets added to his schedule. 

NOTE: Our vendor sometimes goes out VERY late to roll the cans to the curb and then waits until after work hours the next day to roll them back. If your cans do not get rolled before you go to bed, don't worry, he will get them if service has been requested. 

Weekly Advertised Guest Rates are calculated as the Weekly Base Rent Rate from your owner rate sheet, plus the upcharge fee (Guest Services Fee) as determined by Lewis Realty to cover certain guest services and other expenses incurred for the reservation. See the Rent Adjustment fees section of your rate sheet for a breakdown of fees used to create the advertised pricing. All guest reservations will be subject to additional reservation fees and taxes in addition to the advertised rental price.

-When rates are viewed on any of the online advertising sites you will see the Weekly Advertised Rate and NOT the Base Rent Rate.

-When viewing your owner's statements and guest reports you will see the Base Rent Rate and NOT the Weekly Advertised Rate.

 The Guest Services fee is a Rent Adjustment fee that is collected on all guest reservations to cover expenses for required services that help provide your guests with the best possible rental experience. The funds from this fee are used to cover expenses related to, but not limited to, credit card processing, Trash roll services, AC filter services, Electronic Lock services, reservation software expenses, etc. The total cost of this fee will be determined by Lewis Realty. All funds collected will belong to Lewis Realty Assocaites, Inc. and will not be commissionable.

****Rate discounts will not be applied to the Guest Services fee.****

Long-Term properties - Tenants must be 18 or older and meet all lease qualifications prior to a lease being approved. 

Vacation Rentals - The reserving guest must be 25 or older and is required to be at the property for the duration of the reservation. 


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