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Are you looking to treat yourself to some much-needed time in paradise? Then look no further than North Topsail Beach, North Carolina. Enjoy the pristine, uncrowded beaches and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you`ve likely laid your eyes on. Lewis Realty Associates offer an assortment of cozy and private North Topsail Beach vacation rentals you won`t want to miss.

You can find North Topsail Beach in the northernmost section of Topsail Island, which is the entire basis for its name. The Town of North Topsail is located in Onslow County, North Carolina, positioned between Wilmington and Jacksonville, and was established in 1990. The roughly 1000 full-time locals enjoy this small island town`s pristine beaches, beautiful landscapes, and relaxed lifestyle.

Vacation rentals in North Topsail Beach for everyone

Lewis Realty Associates offers many sizes and rental locations in North Topsail Beach. From 2 and 3-bedroom villas to 6-bedroom duplexes, all properties are perfect for any occasion you need them.

Dune Our Thing is a massive duplex that can sleep 13 in 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms for comfort and allows pets so that your furry friends are never left behind. You receive four covered parking spaces on a gravel driveway, a keyless access code for the main entrance, and an oversized hot tub to soak away your cares.

For smaller parties who don`t need as much space, there is the Villa Capriani. This ocean-view condominium doubles as a home away from home. The condos range from 2 to 3 bedrooms, capable of room for 6 to 8 sleeping heads. You`ll have access to a laundry room, three hot tubs, and three swimming pools, just in case you get tired of the salt water.

Whether for short-term or long-term, large family or small getaway, Lewis Realty Associates has a North Topsail Beach rental that will fit your needs.

Finding the right North Topsail Beach vacation rental

Lewis Realty Associates can help you find the perfect vacation rental in North Topsail Beach. While browsing our rental listings, you will find properties in convenient locations with great reviews. To ensure you receive the most comfortable stay at one of our rentals, a good rule of thumb is to perform the following:

●     Calculate the number of beds, bedrooms, and people who will be staying at the rental and match it up with what is being offered. Though our rentals can accommodate 6 to 12 people, they may not provide enough adequate bedrooms for those wanting their own privacy.

●     Some of the vacation rentals you`ll find in our listings are pet friendly. Just make sure that the paw icon has a yes next to it, and your furry friend is all set.

●     Most of our rentals are conveniently located near local activities. However, if you`re looking for something in particular, make sure you choose a rental closer to it.

●     Our rentals are located near many restaurants for convenience. However, they are all equipped with the amenities required for a night of dining in as well.

●     Don`t settle on the first property you come across. Take time to go through them all and select the best one for your vacation needs.

Things to do on your North Topsail Beach vacation

While planning your Surf City vacation, you will find activities that match virtually any interest. If you are looking to see a piece of history or an escape experience, Surf City has enough things to do for no matter how long of a vacation you plan on taking. Here are a few things that you might want to try:

●     Fat Turtle Market & Tiki Bar: The only market and tiki bar you`ll find on North Topsail Beach. The establishment offers many things, from island drinks and food to live entertainment and volleyball. It`s a great place to unwind and absorb the island vibes.

●     The Trailer Bar: One of the best bars in North Topsail Beach. Offers an excellent selection of beer and mixed drinks with live music on the weekends and ample outdoor seating.

●     Hula`s: Yes, another bar. However, Hula`s can boast an award-winning burger on their menu. It may just be a local award, but it still counts for something!

If a bar isn`t your scene, there are plenty of dining opportunities available in North Topsail Beach. Island Delights serves up sandwiches in steamed buns and makes their own homemade chili. Daily Grind Coffee, Donut & Ice Cream has a delicious assortment of donuts, ice cream, and breakfast sandwiches. For a lighter lunch or dinner, try Beach Bum`s Pizza, Bar, & Grill`s loaded nachos appetizers, spicy shrimp tacos, or some of their Original Cheese Bread. Other amenities located in and around North Topsail Beach include kayak, surf, and paddleboard rentals at Paddle NC or North Topsail Surf and Paddle.

What`s the best time of year to visit North Topsail Beach?

North Topsail Beach can be enjoyed all year round for families, couples, and solo vacationers alike. As it is a beach, the summer always comes highly recommended. However, even the fall and winter seasons have something to offer.

Vacation goers might enjoy hearing the legends of pirates once hidden between the sound and the mainland. They would wait until ships passed and attack them for their rich cargo. Though you`ll now find jet skis, fishermen, and ocean swimmers in place of pirates these days, the island of Topsail still holds some magic worth experiencing.

You`ll find that the temperatures during the spring months range from 50 °F to 70 °F. The heat begins to creep in during the summer, reaching temperatures in the low 90s. Winter drops the mercury on the thermostat to temperatures ranging from 32 °F to 60 °F.

Topsail Vacation Rental FAQs

When should you book a vacation rental?

A vacation rental should always coincide with a vacation plan. Waiting too long to secure a rental will result in potentially losing out on the one that`s perfect for you. This is because rental units tend to fill up rather quickly, regardless of the time of year. When planning a vacation, consider making a rental appointment no later than three months out.

What are the fees like?

Booking your rentals through Lewis Realty Associates will make any and all fees straightforward and hassle-free. The cost of cleaning is already included in your rental, there is no security deposit required, and every rental agreement includes up to $1500 of damage protection. Your stay just became a lot less complicated.

Is it easy to check in and out?

Our check-in and check-out times fall at 4 pm for the former and 10 am for the latter. For any check-in or check-out outside this range, we charge a small $40 fee to accommodate.

Is it easy to book for the next year?

Booking another stay in advance is as simple and straightforward with Lewis Realty Associates as the fees. All that`s needed to plan your next vacation with one of our properties is to conclude your current one. Once your holiday has ended, you can immediately rebook for a second vacation. How amazing is that?! Lewis Realty & Associates allows vacationers to place a "Token Hold" for the next year at only $40 and subsequent tax. Once set, you have until February 1 to produce the balance`s first half.

Find a vacation rental in North Topsail Beach

Don`t hesitate to book your next trip to North Topsail Beach with Lewis Realty Associates. Our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to booking, fees, and accommodation is second to none in North Carolina. Our goal is to ensure you find the right vacation rental that fits your needs at an affordable price.

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