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Indulge in Topsail Island's Culinary Delights: Fine Dining and Local Cuisine

You won`t have to go hungry during your vacation to Topsail Island. There is an impressive array of dining options, including upscale restaurants that showcase the very best of the local cuisine. You`ll also find that there are some tasty international flavors and local ingredients at these popular restaurants, ensuring you and your guests will have an enjoyably fresh meal during your stay at one of the luxury vacation rentals on the island.

While seafood is the primary focus of local dishes, there are plenty of great flavors and meal options to choose from. We`ll go over some of the top restaurants on Topsail Island if you`re looking for a delicious culinary experience. Some of these restaurants include breathtaking waterfront views or a refined ambiance to round out the entire dining experience. 

Topsail Island`s Best Seafood Restaurants

A trip to the coast isn`t complete without eating fresh seafood. Topsail Island has an abundance of fresh seafood, like fish, clams, crabs, shrimp, and lobster. Caught in the nearby waters, you`ll have the freshest catches on your plate. 

Sears Landing

Sears Landing is one of the most unique seafood restaurants on Topsail Island. Located in Surf City, you can choose to walk, drive, or even boat to this restaurant! There is a dock connected to the restaurant, so you can pull right up to the restaurant after being out on the water. There`s plenty of outdoor seating and amazing views of the water to make this restaurant an unforgettable experience.

The menu consists primarily of fresh seafood. However, there are other options available to make sure everyone in your group leaves happy. Some of the main courses include mouth-watering entrees like grilled yellow-fin tuna and wild-caught Mahi-Mahi. There`s also a full bar, so you`ll be able to enjoy your favorite cocktails as you take in stunning views of the ocean.

Daddy Mac`s Grill

If you choose to go to Daddy Mac`s Grill for dinner, you`ll have a varied menu filled with choice meats, seafood, and pasta. As one of the most popular restaurants on the island, the wait times for this establishment can be long during the busy summer months. However, the food is worth the wait. 

At this restaurant, you`ll also find a large selection of signature cocktails. Choose beachy favorites, like a daiquiri or a mojito for the ultimate island experience. You`ll be able to enjoy your drinks from the oceanfront patio, where you can watch the waves and boats passing. 

Splash by the Sea

As one of the most in-demand restaurants on the island, you`ll find that this North Topsail Beach establishment has a wide selection of delicious meal options. From inventive appetizers like tuna nachos to more traditional entrees such as marinated salmon, there are tons of great options to choose from. There are also plenty of gluten-free options on the menu. 

Splash by the Sea has outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the oceanfront views as you eat your meal. Kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy the beachy ambiance. 

Beauchaines 211

Located in Surf City, this upscale restaurant offers many delicious dishes. Beauchaines 211 has popular dishes such as shrimp and grits or filet mignon. With a view of the Intercoastal Waterway, you can take in a stunning sunset view while enjoying this fine dining restaurant. 

Ocean`s Edge

This family-friendly restaurant has pretty spectacular views. Located in North Topsail Beach, this upscale restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience to customers. You`ll be able to choose from fresh seafood options, like the catch of the day or shrimp scampi. There`s also a kids` menu for the younger members of your group that includes familiar favorites such as mac and cheese and chicken tenders.

Farm-to-Table Dining 

If you`re looking for fine-dining restaurants with the freshest ingredients, you might want to consider restaurants that utilize locally grown produce and seafood. With an emphasis on quality ingredients, choosing farm-to-table dining establishments will ensure the food will taste great. You`ll also be supporting local farmers and other small businesses in the area. 

The Beach Shop & Grill

This casual fine-dining restaurant offers regionally-inspired dishes made out of the freshest ingredients. The food is organic and locally grown, so the food is of the highest quality. Though the menu is constantly evolving, you can expect flavorful Lowcountry dishes, plus a large wine selection. 

In addition to the dining room, there`s also an outdoor patio where guests can enjoy drinks or small plates. There`s also an attached gift shop, where you can shop for locally made gifts and souvenirs. 

Where Should You Stay During Your Trip to Topsail Island?

If you`re looking for luxury vacation rentals on Topsail Island, you`ll have a lot of options. There are plenty of exclusive beachfront properties located in all three towns–North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach. However, each town has its own atmosphere and attractions. 

If you`re interested in renting a property near all of the dining options on the island, you`ll want to consider Surf City. As the busiest area on the island, you`ll find that a lot of fine-dining restaurants as well as super casual restaurants are within walking distance or a short car ride. As the center of the island, Surf City is also the closest to neighboring cities. So, if you want to get off the island for dinner, you might want to consider this town`s proximity to other places. Though it`s a bustling area, there are plenty of luxury vacation rentals in town. You`ll find exclusive beachfront properties with stunning views in addition to budget-friendly options.

However, even though Surf City has the most concentrated selection of dining options, the other two towns also have great restaurant options. In North Topsail Beach, you`ll find a couple of top-choice restaurants amidst a quiet town. If you`re looking for secluded retreats, you should consider some of the properties at this end of the island. The quiet neighborhoods offer privacy and beautiful views of the coast. There are also many rentals with upscale accommodations and high-end amenities to choose from. 

While North Topsail Beach has many secluded retreats, at the south end of the island there is a laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere that`s perfect for a relaxing vacation. Topsail Beach is home to a few top restaurants on the island, including the Beach Shop & Grill. If you`re looking for the ultimate beach vacation experience, you should consider some of the rentals in this town with upscale accommodations and high-end amenities.

Topsail Island may have a laid-back and small-town atmosphere, but you`ll find that there are many fine dining options to choose from. With an emphasis on locally grown ingredients, fresh seafood, and stunning views of the ocean, dining at one of these establishments will be a memorable experience. However, even if you don`t care for seafood, most of the restaurants on the island have other meals on the menu that offer the same quality ingredients and vibrant flavors. Whether you`re in town for a short while or you`re staying on the island for the entire summer, you should check out some of the amazing restaurants near your vacation rental. We have a large selection of luxury vacation rentals in all three towns, so you can find the property that`s right for your needs.


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