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Planning Your Shopping on Your Next Topsail Vacation

Most people plan on fishing, boating, and great eating when they plan their vacation to Topsail Island. However, Topsail Island is also full of great shopping opportunities. Topsail Island is not only an arts and crafts haven, but you can also find souvenir and beach shops to purchase memorabilia to commemorate your trip. Let`s take a look at some of the top places to shop on your next visit to Topsail Island.

Where is all the shopping located on Topsail Island?

If you are planning your shopping experience around your vacation rental, Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. operates location rentals all across the island. The hub of Topsail Island is centrally located in Surf City. Here, you will find some of the major souvenir shops, arts and crafts stores, and retailers. North Topsail Beach has a surf and paddle shop, while Topsail Beach has a great beach shop, the Beach Shop and Grill. People who stay in Surf City have access to a bustling beach, a great shopping experience just a few blocks away, and all the major restaurants. Those who stay in North Topsail Beach or Topsail Beach will often plan a day or two down in Surf City to help get in all the shopping that they want.

What are some of the popular shopping destinations on Topsail Island?

There are several top destinations for shopping on Topsail Island. Perhaps among the most popular stops is Mia`s Marketplace. This shopping outlet has a little bit of something for everyone, including a great candy selection. Mia`s Marketplace is located on Highway 50 in Surf City. At Mia`s, you will find two shopping experiences. The first is The Panty, which features homemade candy, fudge, and chocolates, as well as cooking oils and salsas. You will also find home decor, jewelry, beach apparel, and more.

Topsail Island Trading Company is another popular hub for tourists flocking to the island. This store features several different varieties of fudge. Whether you want to enjoy some fudge in your rental after a day on the beach or ship it home, you will find a variety of fudge that you like. You will also find personal care products, like Inis Hand Cream and Rejuvenating Body Butter. Other gifts include keychains, survival trinkets, and beach items. 

Quarter Moon Books and Gifts offers a unique experience for those looking to get away from the daily bustle of the beach. Equipped with a great selection of books, this cozy shop gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading. In addition to books, visitors can browse a delectable selection of gifts, including souvenirs and clothing. In addition to having a wine bar, live music is also commonplace during the busy season. 

Outdoor retailers that have everything you need

Many people visiting Topsail Island only shop to get everything they need for fishing or a day out on the water. East Coast Sports is a popular shopping destination for those looking for fishing gear, apparel for the beach, and even equipment rentals. East Coast Sports carries brands like Yeti, Calcutta Outdoors, World of Watersports, and HUK Performance Fishing. 

Surf City Jet Ski Rentals will rent you the equipment that you need for a day out on the water. Whether you want stand up paddleboards or your own private jet ski, Surf City Jet Ski Rentals will help you rent the right equipment for the day. You can even get access to an exclusive freestyle area that is nine miles long. Bookings are available online if you want access to jet skis or paddleboards.

Bait and tackle shops are also a priority if you are going to be spending some time fishing. The Surf City Pier has an outstanding bait and tackle shop. You will be able to find everything from shrimp to blood worms, as well as all the lures and artificial bait that you need for a productive day of fishing. 

Shops with exclusive access to local art

For those who choose Topsail as a regular vacation destination, they always leave with arts, crafts, and gifts made locally. The Seacoast Art Gallery regularly rotates monthly featured artists. Visitors can participate in classes and workshops, getting the opportunity to create art from start to finish. Additionally, they can purchase artwork, paintings, jewelry, and other gifts whenever the gallery is open.

Another great option for access to local art is The Blue Gracias Open Air Market. Located in Topsail Beach, you will find original and vintage artwork, decor relating to the coast and beach, as well as other unique gifts. The shop has a focus on sustainability. Many of the gifts you can purchase were created with pieces that had other uses. The shop`s goal is to promote sustainability, reduce waste, and recreate beauty with materials that had other uses in the past.

Groceries and liquor for a quiet evening in

While restaurants and local pubs are popular for an evening out, your rental will come with a full kitchen, eating area, and utensils so that you can enjoy a meal with your family. If you are looking to stock up on groceries and liquor for the duration of your stay, here are a couple of options:

  • Publix Food & Pharmacy: This is a local grocery store carrying fresh foods, a deli, and even has a pharmacy. Catering is also available if you have a larger group of people staying at your rental. 

  • Surf City Crab Seafood Market: With everything from tuna steaks to enough shrimp for a boil, this is the freshest seafood market around.

  • ABC Liquor Store: This is the place to get wines, spirits, and craft beers if you are entertaining for an evening at your rental. 

When should you plan on visiting Topsail Island for shopping?

Many stores on Topsail Island have hours that fluctuate with the seasonality of the island. For example, Topsail Island Trading Company will be open until 8 pm most evenings during summer, but reduce their hours to Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays during the winter. If you want the full bustle of shopping on Topsail Island, visit during the late spring, summer or early fall for a full shopping experience. 

How much should you plan on budgeting for shopping on a Topsail Island Vacation 

Your vacation budget will vary based upon the size of your family and the attractions that you want to visit on Topsail Island. When budgeting for gifts only, $100 to $200 will help you buy many of the gifts and souvenirs that you want to bring home with you. Many vacation goers will tend to spend between $200 to $500 when they go shopping on Topsail Island during a weeklong vacation.

Location is everything when you are visiting Topsail Island

If you are planning a vacation to Topsail Island, you should book a rental with Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. All of our rental units are spread evenly across the island, with major beachfront properties available in Surf City, Topsail Beach, and North Topsail Beach. Finding the right vacation rental will help you get quickly to your itinerary destinations and find the shopping experiences that you are looking for.


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