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Popular Local Art Establishments on Topsail Island

Though Topsail Island is known for its natural beauty, there is also a lot of beauty to be found in local art galleries located around the island. Longtime residents and shopowners showcase local artwork that often reflects the gorgeous coastal landscape of the surrounding area. If you`re looking to learn more about the local art scene, buy artwork, or just have a good time browsing through all of the unique pieces, then you should definitely check out some of the local art establishments on your next visit to Topsail Island.

With galleries, seasonal markets, and painting activities, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the local art scene. We`ll go over some of the most popular destinations that are perfect for those on Topsail vacations who want to learn more about local artists and possibly buy a painting or two for themselves.

Why Should You Check Out Topsail Island`s Local Art Establishments?

With so many exciting and fun things to do on Topsail vacations, why should check out the local art scene? Though it may be hard to find the time to check out indoor shops when the sun is shining and there are miles of beautiful sandy beaches to discover, you`ll be missing out if you don`t check out the local art. 

Topsail Island is home to many talented artists and craftsmen that are particularly skilled at incorporating the beauty of the North Carolina coast. You can find amazing paintings of the coast that you can hang back in your home, once your vacation is over to remind you of the memories you created during your vacation. You can also find pieces with natural elements from the area, like seashells or sea glass jewelry. 

Where Should You Stay While on Topsail Island?

Though getting around Topsail Island isn`t usually too difficult, if you want to stay near where the shops and all of the activities are, you might want to consider vacation rentals in Surf City. Most of the art galleries and gift shops will be found in this area. However, if you are comfortable with driving to shops, vacation rentals in Topsail Beach or North Topsail Beach are also great options.

What Are the Most Popular Spots to View Local Art?

On Topsail Island, there are a couple of popular art galleries and establishments where you can buy from local artists. If you`re looking for a unique souvenir from your vacation to the island, a piece by a local artist is a great option to remember the natural beauty of the North Carolina coast. We`ll go over some of the best places you should check out on your next visit to the island.

Seacoast Art Gallery

Topsail vacations would not be complete without a visit to this well-established art gallery. It`s a hard building to miss, with its bright pink paint color adorning a quaint-looking beach cottage. Inside, you`ll find artwork that is just as whimsical and colorful as the outside of the building. On the walls, you`ll find colorful paintings that reflect the beauty of the North Carolina coast. Around the shop, you`ll also see ceramics and colorful glass hangings, oftentimes of the local wildlife, like crabs and fish. 

The Locals Art Gallery and Wine Bar

If you`re familiar with most of the art galleries that have been around for years and are looking for new places to visit, then you`ll be excited to learn about The Locals Art Gallery and Wine Bar. This new establishment will be open for business in the spring of 2023 according to its website. This bar will be the perfect destination for those who book vacation rentals in Surf City, as it`s near a lot of great restaurants and shops in the heart of the town. For the latest updates of the gallery, check out their social media pages. 

Topsail Beach Craft Market

If you will be visiting Topsail Island during the summer, then you should check out the Topsail Beach Craft Market, which is held every Thursday. At this market, you will find a treasure trove of assorted handmade items from artist prints to soaps. Local vendors set up their booths to sell their crafts and artwork all summer long. So if you`re planning any Topsail vacations from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you should stop by to peruse all of the unique items for sale and support local artisans. 

Paint With Me

If you`re looking for a more interactive art experience while on Topsail Island, then you should consider taking a class with local artist Cheryl Crane. You can choose wine and painting parties for your family or group. You might also be able to participate in a pop-up class that a local business or restaurant hosts. Check out the Paint With Me business Facebook page for more information about planning a painting party.

Carolina Decor & More

This consignment shop, located in Surf City, features local artists` work that ranges from sea glass jewelry to paintings of Topsail Island landmarks. This shop also features a variety of antiques, furniture, and other items for sale. Because of the plentiful and diverse inventory, it`s easy to spend a lot of time at Carolina Decor & More looking over all the unique items. 

What Other Art Establishments Are Located in Nearby Towns?

While there is plenty of artwork to check out on Topsail Island, there are also cool art galleries that are only a short drive away in neighboring towns. These art galleries also show local artists and often pay homage to the beauty of the natural local landscape. You`ll find a lot of artwork inspired by coastal living. 

Topsail Frame Shop and Art Gallery

If you`re looking for a frame shop to hang a new art piece, then you should consider this shop in Holly Ridge. In addition to being a superb destination for framing needs, Topsail Frame Shop and Art Gallery also has its own gallery with pieces from local artists for sale. You`ll find many different styles of art available, so if paintings of the coast aren`t your thing, you can still find different styles by local artists.

Art Exposure

Located in Hampstead, this huge art gallery is a hub for local creatives and the community in general. You can browse through the art gallery filled with amazing pieces by local artists or visit the gift shop where you can buy local handmade pieces that range from home goods to fine jewelry. Art Exposure also features a variety of interactive classes and workshops for the community. From ballroom dancing and yoga classes to art instruction classes for kids, this art gallery is a beloved center for the community. 

Topsail vacations should include a visit to the local shops to check out the unique and handmade pieces made by locals. Whether you`re looking for a souvenir that`s as memorable as your trip or you just want to support the local art scene as much as possible, there are plenty of shop options on the island and surrounding towns that you should check out. If you`re looking for vacation rentals that are close to a lot of local shops and art, then you should consider our rental listings in Surf City.


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