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Unforgettable Activities on Topsail Island: Beyond the Beach

The beach is a popular vacation destination due to the many different types of activities available. From building sand castles to swimming in the surf, there`s something for the whole family to enjoy. However, if you want to experience more from the beach than usual activities, there are plenty of options on Topsail Island.

Whether you`re hitting the beach with your family to make lasting memories or you want to experience the ultimate luxury vacation to decompress from the stresses of everyday life, there are tons of activities available to ensure you have a memorable experience. Many local businesses cater to visitors looking for amazing and fun experiences on their trip to the island. We`ll go over some of the best activities you should consider during your stay on Topsail Island and the kind of rental properties available if you`re looking for secluded retreats to enjoy the beach.

Sunset Cruises

If you`re looking for a memorable evening on the coast, you should consider booking one of the sunset cruises offered by Tiki Tours. Why should you book a sunset cruise? As a truly luxurious experience, you`ll get to experience one of the unforgettable sunsets along the North Carolina coast. Plus, you`ll get to watch all of the local wildlife up close. From dolphins to seagulls, there`s no telling what kinds of wildlife you may spot while cruising around the island.

A sunset cruise is perfect for couples looking for a romantic evening or groups looking for fun on the water. While watching the sunset from the beach still showcases the natural beauty of the area, hopping aboard a boat to watch the sun go down over the water offers a unique experience. If you`re looking for the most upscale experiences while staying at one of the luxury vacation rentals on the island, you`ll want to book one of these tours for your night out. 

Kayaking and Paddleboard Rentals

Some people prefer to have active vacations filled with exercise, nature, and unusual beach activities. While laying out on the beach and relaxing can be restful, if you`re looking to explore out on the water, you should consider renting a kayak or paddleboard. Not only are these activities great exercise (you`re likely to feel pretty tired at the end of the day), but you`ll also get to discover more amazing nature around the island.

At Topsail Surf and Cycle, you`ll be able to rent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards in increments–half-day, full-day, extra day, and full week. If you want to fully explore the waters around the beach, you may want to consider renting a kayak or paddleboard for the duration of your visit. 

Deep-Sea Fishing

A vacation to the ocean is the perfect opportunity to do some fishing. If you book a charter boat for deep-sea fishing, you`ll get the chance to hook some local fish, such as king mackerel, Mahi-Mahi, red snapper, vermillion, and more. Whether you`re looking for a full-day fishing experience or you want to take your kids fishing for the afternoon, there are plenty of booking options to meet your needs. 

Wildlife Watching

Topsail Island is a natural paradise. You`ll find stunning views all around the island. You`ll also find an abundance of local wildlife around the island. For those who want to watch and experience the local wildlife up close, you should consider one of the tours offered by Lost Treasure Eco Tours. You`ll get to learn more about Topsail Island`s local wildlife and habitat. 

Though you might be lucky enough to spot some of these animals on your own, the experienced guides on these tours know the best places to encounter wildlife. If you`re interested in seeing dolphins, you`ll want to check out the boat tour. For people who are fans of bird watching, the guides will take you to secluded areas where you can easily observe the local bird populations. 

There are also options for digging clams or catching crabs. Both activities have long been important to the island`s residents and way of life. If you`re looking for a real coastal experience, you might like to try your hand at clamming on the beach. You may even catch some tasty clams or crabs to cook up in your vacation rental kitchen.


Topsail Island is a wonderful place for beachcombing throughout the entire year. You`ll be able to find beach treasures to take home as souvenirs or use in craft projects. Beachcombing is also a great activity for all ages and skill levels. You`ll be able to take your little ones searching for the best seashells, sand dollars, and other beach treasures. 

Beachcombing can also be great exercise when the weather is not quite warm enough for other types of beach activities. If you`re staying on Topsail Island during the fall or winter, you should be sure to go beachcombing during your visit. Thanks to the uncrowded beaches during these colder months, you`re likely to find a lot of cool items.

Where Should You Stay During Your Beach Vacation?

Part of making sure your vacation is memorable is choosing the right accommodations. Luxury vacation rentals are much more practical and comfortable than hotel rooms. You`ll have access to high-end amenities, like full, updated kitchens, porches, private pools, and more. 

You`ll also be able to choose what kind of upscale accommodations you prefer. If you want to wake up to the view of waves crashing onto the beach, you`ll want to choose one of the exclusive beachfront properties available. By opting for one of these residences, you`ll have easy access to beachcombing first thing in the morning. You`ll also be able to do other beach activities more easily, like kayaking and paddle boarding. 

If you`re looking for secluded retreats, you might want to consider one of the single-family residences in North Topsail Beach. These luxury vacation rentals may have high-end amenities such as elevators, private beach access, and private hot tubs. The right rental will depend on your budget and preferences. You should choose whatever upscale accommodations that meet your needs best. 

You may also prefer the exclusive beachfront properties at the south end of the island in Topsail Beach. In this family-friendly community, you`ll find laid-back neighborhoods and plenty of single-family homes available. On this end of the island, you`ll be able to watch all of the amazing wildlife from the uncrowded beaches. 

If you`re looking for an unforgettable vacation to Topsail Beach, you may want to think about doing more than the usual beach activities. There is so much to do and explore around the island, including family-friendly activities. If you want to get out on the water, you should consider chartering a guided boat. Whether you want to relax and cruise around the coast or you want to do some deep-sea fishing, there are great rental options available. There are also budget-friendly activities like beachcombing. You`ll be able to find beach treasures to take home with you once your vacation has ended. No matter what activities you prefer doing, you`ll need the perfect rental to make the trip amazing. We have a large selection of luxury vacation rentals available all throughout the island to accommodate varying needs and budgets.


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