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Vacation Rentals on the Canal

The Intracoastal Waterway extends all away up the Atlantic Seaboard. Consisting of natural inlets, waterways, and artificial canals, the water is often a calmer alternative than the beachfront. If you are looking for a quieter property on the canal, Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. has properties in both Topsail Beach and Surf City. Let`s take a look at some of the canal front properties and things that you can do on Topsail Island.

What is the Intracoastal Waterway?

The Intracoastal Waterway is an inlet that runs all along the Atlantic seaboard. Consisting of natural inlets and man made canals, the Intracoastal Waterway offers easy navigation if you are using watercraft, private dock access if you are renting a property, and often a quieter alternative to the bustling beachfront on Topsail Island. 

On the northeastern edge, the "top" of Topsail island, is the New River Inlet. On the southwestern edge of Topsail Island lies the Topsail Inlet. The Intracoastal Waterway separates Topsail Island from the mainland of North Carolina. Topsail`s portion of the waterway is rich in activities, such as boating and fishing, as well as history.

What can you expect when you rent a canal front property?

When you rent a canal front property from Lewis Realty Associates, Inc., you can choose from six different properties:

  • Margaritaville: This property sleeps six and features bright colors. 

  • Beach Ball: This property has room for a party of eight and is a great property for those with a boat. 

  • Reel Nice: This unit has room for a party of thirteen and includes a gourmet kitchen. 

  • Beach Blessings: This unit sleeps ten and features a screen porch overlooking the canal. 

  • Blue Bayou: This private, intimate unit has a boat dock, sleeps six, and is a peaceful getaway for smaller groups. 

  • Bella Luna: Featuring a huge living room and kitchen area, you will be able to entertain a party of ten after a long day of activities. 

Magaritaville lies towards the bottom of Topsail Island, while the other canal front properties are closer to Surf City and the top of the island. 

If you are considering the Intracoastal Waterway and a canal front vacation rental, you probably have the following expectations:

  • You are bringing a boat and want easy access to the water from where you are staying.

  • You enjoy "quieter" activities on the water, such as paddleboarding, fishing, or tubing.

  • You want a more private experience and will not likely visit the regular bustling beachfront throughout your stay.

  • You want to park your boat close by so that you can get to sightseeing right away when the morning starts. 

Exploring the canal and marshlands

Most people who bring their boat enjoy the Intercoastal Waterway. Each property that is available through Lewis Rental Associates, Inc. includes a private boat dock. For the properties that do not have exclusive water access, guests will launch their boat right away so that they can park their boat. Here is how people often spend their time when they rent a canal front home:

  • They explore the waterway at their own pace, often fishing throughout the day.

  • They often pull their boat up to a restaurant like Sear`s Landing, where they can enjoy fine dining after a day on the water.

  • They often will paddleboard or rent a jet ski for an adventure-filled day out on the water.

The canals and waters of the ICW are great for activities like fishing, paddleboarding, tubing, and are full of opportunities for those looking for a quiet vacation activity out on the water. 

What`s the history behind the Topsail Island canals?

Topsail Island has a history that goes all the way back to colonial times. Before World War II, it was primarily accessible by boat. Merchants called the area "Topsail Island" because they would look for the sails from pirate ships. For many years, adventurers favored the island, looking for Blackbeard`s treasures in the forests and wetlands. While many beachfront areas on the Atlantic coastline rapidly developed over the years, Topsail Island still maintains many of the natural treasures, such as sea turtles, that are not found on other coastal areas along the Atlantic seaboard.

Topsail Island was revolutionized by World War II. The military started a base at Camp Davis, and the Navy used the area for testing and developing guided missiles. During the 1950s, development started on Topsail Island, adding to the existing infrastructure left by the military.

When is the best time of year to visit the Intracoastal Waterway?

During the summer months, most people will flock to the beach. Topsail Island tends to be the busiest on weekends and holidays during the summer months. As the numbers dwindle when fall rolls around, the beaches and canal water are still warm enough to get in and enjoy a swim. Renting a canal front home will give those who want a little bit more of a quiet experience the chance to enjoy the area. During the late fall and winter months, the water is colder. However, people still get a chance to enjoy walking the beach and canal and enjoying time out on the water in their boat. 

Taking a boat out on the canals

The canal waters are appealing for boaters. Those who rent a property along the canal can tour coastal flats, creeks, rivers, and quiet bays. If you want a true adventure, you can take your boat along some of the canal`s wooded shorelines. There are also great fishing opportunities, including flounder, tarpon, and redfish. 

Some groups prefer a slower pontoon ride as they move along the canal waters. Deeper, V-hull boats are great for the regular open ocean, but will not traverse the canal waters like most boaters would expect. Shallow-draft bay boats are the best option for getting the most out of the canal, helping boaters navigate areas of the ICW that are off the typical path. 

Paddleboarding is also a great option when you are exploring the canal. Not only is paddleboarding a great workout, but it can also be enjoyed by groups who are looking for something easy to do together. Paddleboarding will let you enjoy the scenery on the canal and work on your overall peace and wellness. 

Enjoy a rental experience on the canal from Lewis Realty Associates, Inc.

Renting a canal property will bring the best of both worlds, the bustling activity that is associated with an area like Surf City and the potential of a quiet getaway with a day out on the canal. All canal rentals from Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. feature:

  • No security deposit, as each guest is protected from accidental damages that are incurred on the property.

  • No cleaning fees or other hidden fees that you might find with an Airbnb or other rental.

  • Great features, such as open concept designs, well-designed eating areas, and relaxing accommodations after a busy day out on the water. 

If you are considering a canal rental on Topsail Island, work with Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. to find your next vacation destination today.


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