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Watersports at Topsail Island

Are you looking to do more on your vacation than just swim and lay on the beach? Watersports are lively activities that your family can enjoy on your next seaside vacation to Topsail Island. While relaxing on the beach is fun, if you are looking to entertain your growing kids for a weeklong vacation, it helps to have fun watersports available. Depending on the ages in your group and people`s interests, you might want to consider surfing lessons, paddle boarding, kayaking, or renting a boat to take out onto the water. 

Whatever you`re interested in doing while you`re staying at vacation rentals on the island, there are shops and rental facilities to accommodate your needs. If you`re interested in learning more, we`ll go over some of the most popular water sports people like to do on the island, as well as some recommendations on local rentals and shops.

What Times of the Year Can You Do Watersports?

Since Topsail Island is located off the coast of North Carolina, winter watersports are quite limited. Water temperatures tend to get pretty chilly, so it`s not a good idea to take up some of these watersports when the temperatures begin to fall in October. The weather starts to warm up around the springtime. And, by Memorial Day, the beaches are packed for the sunny warm weather. Finding vacation rentals on the island during the summer is a popular choice for families. Most vacation rentals require at least one week`s rate. If you plan on vacationing on Topsail Island during this time (May-September), then you might like to partake in some water sports while the weather is nice and you have the time. 

What Town Is the Best for Watersports?

All three towns provide ample beaches and coastline to enjoy watersports. If you decide to rent equipment without guides or lessons, then you`ll have no trouble finding beautiful water to kayak or surf in. You`ll find that a lot of the boats and jet ski rentals are located on Snead`s Ferry to the north of the island. In contrast, a lot of the surfing shops and lessons are done in Surf City. So if you are looking for great surfing or kayaking opportunities, you might want to consider searching for vacation rentals in Surf City. Otherwise, North Topsail Beach is a short way away from Snead`s Ferry. 

Popular Watersports

These are some of the most popular water sports people enjoy while visiting Topsail Island. Each activity is its own kind of adventure, so choose any ones that you think you would enjoy. Some activities, like surfing and paddleboarding, have kid-focused options. Other activities might not be appropriate for really young kids, like jet skiing. 

Surfing and Paddleboarding

Topsail Island is known for its thriving surfing community. Due to its location, the island receives a steady influx of waves year-round, which are perfect for surfing. You`ll probably notice experienced surfers hitting the waves while you`re at the beach. While it`s great if you already have surfing experience, there are shops available in Surf City that offer lessons and rent-out boards. Surf City Surf School offers professional instruction for private lessons, group lessons, and advanced lessons. They also offer paddleboarding lessons. If you`d prefer to simply rent out equipment instead, there are reasonably priced rates for a full day of surfing or paddleboarding. 

Boating and Fishing

Boating is a popular activity for families and those who love to fish. If you are looking to take your kids on a beginner-level fishing trip, then Reel Cranky Charters has some boating rate packages available that are perfect for this kind of trip. You won`t have to worry about getting fishing licenses, as they cover this aspect of the trip. Just remember that if you decide to fish elsewhere after your boating trip, you`ll still need to get a local fishing license.

Maybe, you know that fishing isn`t the right activity for your group, but you still want to get out onto the water. There are roomier boating options available, like pontoon boats, that are great to relax on. Aquaholics Boat Rentals rents these types of boats if you`re looking for a slow, relaxing float on the water. They are easy to get in and out of, so it`s perfect for those who want to do a bit of swimming in the water.


Kayaking is a fun activity to do at the beach. You might be interested in renting your kayak and doing your own exploring, as this can be great exercise and allow you to see much of the waterways. Topsail Surf and Cycle offer kayak rentals, but they also offer kayak tours for those looking for a guide. The kayak tours are unique as they are pedal kayaks. The pedal kayaks are easy to operate, so if this is your first time kayaking, you won`t feel worried about slowing the whole group down during the tour. 

They offer different kinds of tours depending on your interests. There is a tour to see a known turtle nesting spot on Lea Hutaff island. You`ll be able to get out of the kayak and rest on the beaches of the island for a bit. Another tour focuses on the beautiful sandy beaches located on the southern tip of the island at Serenity Point. This tour also allows you time out of your kayak to enjoy the sandy beaches for a bit. The other tour option available is the sunset tour, which focuses on getting a beautiful view of the sunset from the sound.

Topsail Surf and Cycle also rent out beach gear too! So if beach chairs, coolers, or tents couldn`t fit into your car on the drive up to Topsail Island, you can still rent these items before hitting the beach for your watersports adventures.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a fast and fun way to experience the water. At Making Waves Jetski Rentals, there are a couple of options to choose from for your adventure. If you prefer to go at your own pace, either fast or slow, then you`ll want to opt for the freestyle. However, if you`re interested in seeing the wildlife, then you might like to take the dolphin tour, where an experienced guide will take you to see dolphins up close. 

Each jet ski can accommodate up to two or three people. Kids under fourteen years old should ride as a passenger on the jet ski. But overall, it`s a very fun way for your family to spend the afternoon. 

The summer months allow for a lot of fun watersports for your family to enjoy. Whether you want to try something new out, take a guided tour, or advance your existing skills, there are many activities and shops for you to choose from. While you search for vacation rentals for your next summer vacation, consider all the activities you want to do. If you`re planning on doing a lot of surfing, it might be a good idea to find vacation rentals in Surf City so that you can walk to your lessons every day. Ultimately, though, the island is filled with beautiful sandy beaches and coastlines, so no matter where you stay, you`ll have beautiful views and access to the water for the most memorable adventures. If you are getting ready to start planning your next summer vacation to Topsail Island, check out our full selection of vacation rentals


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