COVID-19 worries got you hungry? Eat Local!

Many of your favorite restaurants are still open!!

You Hungry? Eat local!

With the recent declaration from our government officials to limit the sale of food and beverages in NC to Carry-Out, Drive-Through and Delivery services only, we wanted to help spread the word about what local establishments are still open and ready for your business here in the Topsail area. We have linked to their business Facebook pages below so you can check for any updates to their offering and hours.

The list below was complied based on publicly available information. If you know of other businesses that are open but not listed below, please email us at or message us through Facebook to let us know so we can add them too!

In no particular order:

Lewis Realty has a guest informational page set up to keep everyone in the loop about the area and upcoming vacation rentals:

We also made a recent post about our updated and expanding housekeeping program that are are implementing for guest health and safety. Check it out!:

COVID-19 Expanded Cleaning – Topsail Vacation Rentals

It is on all our minds – COVID19 or Coronavirus. We are asked daily can I still come to Topsail Island on our vacation? Is it safe to come? What is your company’s response?

Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. has been very proactive with this situation, scaling back social interactions in our business and community and enhancing our already quality housekeeping procedures for all our Topsail vacation rental properties.

General Housekeeping:

The CDC’s guidance is that the virus does not transmit as well from surfaces although still possible. It does however transmit very effectively from person to person.

In order to help ensure the safety of our guests, their family, our staff and housekeeping teams we added several new procedures to our housekeeping checklists.

  1. Extended Disinfection – Per the CDC guidelines – we are now disinfecting with approved CDC chemicals any “touch” surfaces. The CDC has guidelines on the brand and type of chemical used and the chemical’s duration on the surface to properly disinfect.
  2. Per CDC guidelines – each property is “aired” out. We open all windows while cleaning.
  3. As before – bedding is either brought by the guest or rented through a third party linen service. The third party rental service we recommend and can add any time to your reservation uses commercial washers and dryers with high heat along with approved disinfecting laundry chemicals.
  4. Each guest is notified to tell us if they have traveled to identified outbreak area, are not feeling well or experiencing a fever. They are also asked if they experienced any illness while in the property. This helps us to know if further precautions are needed to help ensure safety for the guests coming afterwards.

There may not be a better time to come on down to Topsail Island. Our population is small, our air is clean and our beaches are miles and miles long.

We hope this situation ends soon and we look forward to having you on the island soon.