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Why Are Condo Rentals Great for a Vacation on Topsail Island?

Condominiums offer a great option if you are looking for an affordable vacation rental, have a smaller party, or want a more intimate experience for your vacation on Topsail Island. A condo rental offers more spacious accommodations than a hotel room and can be a great option for your family or a small group of friends. Condominiums have amenities, like a kitchen, eating area, and other rooms so that you can enjoy your vacation downtime. Perhaps the best benefit of renting a condominium on Topsail Island is that you get great access to the ocean and are centrally located near all the major attractions.

What are the best Topsail Island condo rentals? 

Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. has several different condominium rentals available. These condominium units are located in Surf City. Surf City is known for its great shops, fishing, golf courses, and other activities throughout the year. We have the following condo rentals available for those planning on making Surf City a vacation spot:

  • Surf Condos 123: This is a wonderful unit that sleeps six. You will enjoy a private balcony that faces an ocean. 

  • Surf Condos 222: This unit also sleeps six and comes with a spacious open space living room. 

  • Surf Condos 223: This unit is located in building #2, which comes with a pool. You can also enjoy the beautiful hardwood flooring and bunk bed for your kids.

  • Surf Condos 314: The bedroom is equipped with a comfortable queen-sized bed and a full-sized bathroom for maximum comfort. 

  • Surf Condos 318: In this unit, you will enjoy a modern kitchen for family meals and a comfortable master bedroom for sleeping. 

  • Surf Condos 414 - Dolphins Drift: This is a luxurious condo rental, complete with seashell decor in the bedroom. Consider this condominium if you`re looking for comfort and serenity during your downtime in Surf City. 

  • Surf Condos 515: This is another wonderful unit in our portfolio with spacious accommodations, such as a spacious queen sleeper sofa and full bedroom. This space has also recently been renovated.

The Surf Condominiums are located oceanfront, featuring views of the courtyard and ocean from a private balcony. You also get access to a swimming pool, seasonality permitting. There is also ample parking space, as each rental allows for two vehicles. 

When is the best time of year to rent a condo in Surf City?

Like the rest of Topsail Island, Surf City can be enjoyed at any time throughout the year. During the busy summer months, the condominium will give you a quiet retreat for your downtime. During the winter and early spring, the condos will give you a nice cozy place to relax when the temperature drops down to the low 40s during the evening. During the winter months, condo rentals are a little bit more affordable and the prices rise slightly during the summer, when it is the peak busy season. 

What is better, renting a condominium or a beach house?

The choice for a condominium or a beach house will hinge upon your personal preferences, the size of your group, and other factors. Some beach houses work quite well for smaller groups that want to be truly on the beachfront. The majority of house rentals available through Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. are great for:

  • Larger groups, such as two families enjoying a vacation together or a bigger group of friends.

  • Groups that want their own respective spaces, as the houses have multiple bedrooms. 

  • Those who are staying on Topsail Island for a longer period of time.

  • People that want the ocean to be at their front doorsteps.

The condominium rentals will work quite nice for smaller groups, those who want to spend just a little bit less, and only plan on staying in Surf City for a shorter period of time. 

Why stay at a beachfront rental in Surf City?

Surf City, North Carolina is a popular vacation spot due to its beautiful beaches and proximity to outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and water sports. The town also offers a variety of restaurants, shops, and events, making it a great destination for families or those looking for a relaxing getaway. Additionally, Surf City`s location on the coast provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the unique coastal culture and natural beauty of the area. Here are some of the key things that you can see or do if you book a vacation condo rental in Surf City:

  • Check out the awesome fishing on Surf City Pier

  • Watch the sunrise or sunset at Soundside Park

  • Visit the Thurston Art Gallery to see some local artwork. 

  • Utilize a rental service to enjoy water skiing, tubing, and boating. 

  • Get a well-deserved treatment at a local spa, such as The Innis Spa.

  • Buy a souvenir at the Bumblebee market.

  • Check out some of the sea turtle rehabilitation efforts or enjoy the sight of them at the beach.

When should you start planning your condo rental?

If you want to visit Topsail Island during peak season, it is highly recommended that you plan your vacation and rental well in advance, perhaps within a minimum of six months. During the winter months, you might be able to find a condo available within a few weeks, but demand is still quite high. 

If you enjoyed your experience in Surf City, Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. also makes it easy for you to get into another rental for next year, with our Token Hold program. 

What are some of the perks of renting through Lewis Realty Associates, Inc.?

Our rental process is pretty straightforward. If you were to do an Airbnb, you might find that there are some hidden fees that are not disclosed right away. One of our condominium rentals lets you bypass the hassle of hidden fees. For example, we don`t charge a deposit or cleaning fee. All of our rentals include a damage protection policy, which protects the units from accidental damage during their stay. You also can check in at 4 pm for your condominium and check out is at 10 am on your checkout day. Our staff utilizes the time between tenants to make sure that your rental is perfect. 


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